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5 Reasons To Travel With Bus2alps

If you follow me on social media, you probably saw yesterday's announcement that I am now a campus ambassador for Bus2alps, a student travel company in Europe. This means that I help promote their trips to students, and I can offer my discount code (MSTEAK), which can be used to get up to 12% off when you book their trips!

I first learned about Bus2alps when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in May 2015. I booked their weekend trip to Split, Croatia with some friends and later a day trip to Cinque Terre, Italy because I enjoyed my first experience so much.

They have won multiple awards as a company and for their tours, so they must be doing something right! Here’s 5 reasons (out of the dozens I can think of) that you should book a tour with Bus2alps the next time you’re in Europe:

There are so many destinations to choose from.

Bus2alps has trips ranging from day trips to eight or ten day adventures that will take you to locations all over Europe. Whether you want to spend a day relaxing at the French Riviera or wandering through the streets of Prague, Bus2alps has a trip that you will love. There are options to travel by bus with the group from a selection of departure cities or to arrange your own transportation and meet the group at your destination. I traveled with the group by bus to Split and Cinque Terre and both were overwhelmingly positive experiences. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that riding on a bus for long periods of time is ever going the fun part of the trips, but if you stock up on eye masks and ear plugs you'll be golden.

Planning trips alone is difficult, especially as an inexperienced traveler.

Why should you book with a student travel company in the first place? Let’s face it: booking travel is stressful. You have to book transportation, accommodation, city tours and activities and find the best places to eat authentic food (which is arguably the most important part). When I traveled to Europe for the first time, the very thought of planning a trip from top to bottom by myself was overwhelming, and having the option to take a trip with Bus2alps made my experience so much better. They take care of everything, including offering different options for activities once you arrive in the city and recommending the best places to eat.

The trips are affordable.

Bus2alps constantly has sales on trips, which sometimes involve booking online during a certain time period or going to their offices in various departures cities to book in person if you’re already in Europe. Follow Bus2alps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be informed as soon as these sales are announced! On top of that, you can easily save even more money by using a code given to you by a Bus2alps staff member! Conveniently, by using my campus ambassador discount code (MSTEAK) at checkout, you can get 5% off when you book one trip, an additional 5% if you book two trips together or an additional 7% when you book three trips together! See how easy that is?

The Bus2Alps staff is amazing.

One reason I booked a second trip with Bus2alps while in Florence was that the staff is awesome! They can be persistent when they are promoting the tours in the departure cities—they are EVERYWHERE—but they are a group of young, fun, interesting people, and my friends and I ended up befriending some of them in the short time we were in Florence. There are all kinds of events throughout the week as well, like discounted coffee and “family dinners,” which give you a chance to get to know the staff and learn more about the trips. They can also recommend things to do in the city!

You can meet other people who are studying abroad.

Whether you are studying abroad alone or with a group of people from your school, it’s always fun to meet new people who are in the same situation as you. Groups from multiple departure cities meet for the trips, which gives you the opportunity to meet so many new people. They also might be studying abroad in a country or city you want to visit, and they can give you tips and recommendations for traveling to those places too! You'll also have plenty of opportunities to meet people in your own city at the weekly events!

I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn to get yourself out there and book your trip today!

Do you have any questions or suggestions for future posts? Please comment below or contact me here!

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